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Peter Bartík

Peter is our long-time colleague and he mainly specialises in professional sales consultancy. He's got a tremendous overview of the whole spectrum of IT complexities.
Generating embedded operating systems, designing IT infrastructure topology, configurating servers, diagnosing problems on different IT levels, possessing great knowledge of industrial computers and interfaces… and still that's just a snippet of Peter's portfolio. If he's out of office by chance, he is probably resting at home with his family.

Marcello Falanga

Our financial guru is a born Sicilian and a “domesticated” Bratislavian. Experience, experience, experience...hard to find a different word for a specialist with a strong professional background at IBM and Lenovo. Luckily destiny brought him here. Marcello uncompromisingly watches over our accounts, cash flow and the financial condition of our company.

Gabriel György

A dynamic type; one who likes to balance office work with the activities he's skilled in. And, so it happens, apart from selling armoured briefcases and supervising assembly teams in the production plants, he also welds complex structures. Gabriel places high demands on himself and he requires the same punctuality and fairness of his colleagues. It's a very good feeling because you can always rely on him

Andrej Bohunický

It's admirable how humble and peaceful he can be while creating sophisticated structures, and at the same time, raising four children - the initial number in the mission to change the demography of Slovakia; as many offsprings as possible. Andrej is a receptive type that can grasp assignments with ease. His simple, yet straightforward solutions boost our head start against the competition. Besides construction, Andrej is very helpful with production management.

Marcela Zámečníková

Marketing campaigns, flight tickets to Bangkok, unpaid invoices, Marcela takes care of all of this and even more. Thanks to her, our documents are all safe and sound and the world knows who we are. On top of that, her extra favourite task: a mother of two children.

Dalibor Motl

Designing support structures and steel parts, that's Dalibor's job. He is a perfectionist and that's why he always checks the accuracy of his project on our press brake. Besides CAD and “blending”, his favourite job is devising operation processes for marking lasers. Effective and precise, his family is his best-loved pastime and passion.

Miroslav Slovák

He is the man in charge of logistics and industrial computers production management. Miro's overview is often way ahead of the advanced SAP information system which is used in our company. Had it not been for his coffee expertise our corporate coffee culture would have never flourished. A lot of our colleagues have become first-class baristas. Thanks Miro!

Ferdinand Šajnoha

Electronic components, construction parts, logistic operations, embedding PCB, professional assembly operations on production lines at our suppliers' premises. You name it! Ferdinand is an expert in all of these. And on top of that, a (extremely) flexible member of our team and a really dependable guy.

Michal Kecskés

Michal is our man for RFID technologies. Not only can he tune the antenna right, save the data onto a data storage device, but also identify a problem and design a proper solution directly at our clients production site. Besides his job, he also tries to control two “unguided rockets”: his sons Oskar and Marek. Or is it the other way around?

Oldřich Synek

Grey hair is a sign of life experience and this wise man has plenty to share. As he puts it, “not the ups, but the downs are the best lessons in life.” Oldo is a specialist not only in microelectronics, but he can easily handle graphics, laser and product testing. With his daughters all grown-up already, Oldo has enough time to pursue cycling, canoeing and his beloved fishing.

Marcel Maďar

His little boys taught him how to watch over everything and react quickly. That's why he is really swift even while working in the machining centre. Clamp, set, work, measure… without a fault. Marcel is dexterous and hard-working; 24/7 either at work or gadgeteering at home...well, excluding sleep.

Michal Wurster

With LEGO as his main obsession, thank goodness Michal is not a Legoland employee (yet). The truth is that we can't carry out all of his crazy and innovative ideas, but it's still very refreshing to have such a guy on the team. CAD-CAM is his domain, together with operating top-notch milling machines. But in the end it's neither music nor building blocks, but his twins Mira and Hanna who keep him busy in the evenings.

Martin Alberty

Modest and diligent, doesn't waste words – so let his work do the talking - precisely made parts straight out of the milling machine. And hey there Ladies! Martin is still available!

Michal Spurný

CNC programming and precise milling are his specialities. Michal is always keen to man our top-notch milling centres and despite his young age, he's totally committed to everything he does.